Top Five: Most Annoying People on Social Media

First things first, Im the realest. Drop this and let the whole world feel it. 

For those of you who caught it can you tell “Fancy” is stuck in my head? Anyway, on to business. Heres the Top Five types of people on social media that piss me right off.


5. The dirty laundry airer. Dirty laundry (EG: going from in a relationship
to its complicated 14 times a day, blasting your ex/baby momma) is for the
bathroom floor, not my Facebook feed 🙂

4. The self-righteous hashtagger. You know who you are.
#SEXY #PERFECT #YOUWANTME #BABE #10 #2GOOD4U get the point. Just don’t.

3. The open book. “Just had Starbucks”, “Just went shopping”,
“Just went to the gym(PS this almost made it on its own as an annoyance,
but I have bigger fish to fry than someone who is going to the gym
to try to better themselves), “Just cleaned my house,
walked my dog, did all the laundry, cooked dinner,
and solved world hunger” Might as well tell us when
you’re taking a crap while you’re at it FFS.

2. The bitches that have a private Instagram profile.
I just want to creep your pictures and compare your life to
mine..even though we both know mine is better 😉

1. The girl that gets in her bra and panties and/or bathing suit
and has someone take pictures of her. HASHTAG MODEL. No, you’re not.

I’m so fancy. You already know. I’m in the fast lane. From L.A. to Tokyo.

Alright Iggy, thats enough. THANKS for reading, friends 🙂


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